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Hadassa Ein Kerem Campus

Children's Mercy Hospital in KC, Missouri

Children’s Mercy Hospital in KC, Missouri

Shaare Zedek getting ready for more snow...

Shaare Zedek getting ready for more snow…

The Sharon Foundation was setup to:

  1. Advance and support research in the field of children’s respiratory diseases 
  2. Promote excellence in medical care for children

In her life, Sharon worked with rigor and passion for these two goals. We would like to see her work continue.

Sharon received her medical degree from the Hebrew University of Jeruslam, Hadassa Ein Kerem. The first publication Sharon co-authored with her mentor, Uri Alon, was the result of research she conducted under his guidance at the Children’s Mercy Hospital, University of Missouri, Kansas City.

Later, she worked on a project with Prof. Elie Picard from Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jersulaem to evaluate occurrence of pneumonia in four major hospitals in Jerusalem. Her work led her to choose the field that she was working to specialize in, pediatrics.

Those who knew Sharon recall, with many personal examples, the fervor with which she cared for her patients, for a fellow human. Medical care for Sharon was not just about the right diagnosis and treatment, it was also about a strong and mutual bond with those she cared for.

In its initial phase, the Sharon Foundation will work to accumulate sufficient seed funding. With this phase complete, the foundation’s goal will be to provide grants to students interested in conducting medical research, and award professionals who exhibit outstanding medical care.

The fund currently has pledges of close to €10,000. We plan to call for our first “Grant/Award Selection Meeting” to decide upon criteria and procedures, once we reach our seed funding goal of €25,000.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about our foundation, find out how you can help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you,

Gaby, Alfred, Keith & Eyal

March 2007, Tel Aviv — New York — Munich